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madamedarque ([personal profile] madamedarque) wrote2009-05-18 09:56 pm

Well, here I go!

I feel like such a sheep. Everybody seems to be buzzing about Dreamwidth, so I got an an account. I probably won't be leaving LJ anytime soon, but I was interested to see what all the fuss was about. I think it's hard to tell what the final product of the site will look like, since it's still in the beta stages. But so far, it looks good. :)
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Hello there! *Waves*
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You should take a look at [community profile] fleetwide, which is a BSG newsletter. There's also [site community profile] dw_community_promo, where people announce new communities.

DW is much smaller (and thus less active) than LJ, so it really isn't a replacement, but the crossposting function works so well, I've been doing all my LJ posting from here!